Kimberling City


mapWith the formation of Table Rock Lake in 1958-59, property owners along the new shore line opened fishing camps, resorts, marinas, and other tourist related businesses. With the influx of tourists enjoying the lake, many began to consider it as an ideal retirement location due to the low tax base and the low cost of living. Beginning in the early 1960ís, many retirees moved to the area and especially Kimberling City.

Kimberling City was incorporated in 1973 and has nstrated steady growth since that time. Since 1990, the growth has increased with the notoriety the Tri-Lakes region and the Branson area received in the national media.


There are a variety of home types to choose from, primarily centered around Table Rock Lake. Condominiums and manufactured housing are present in certain areas, while the majority of homes are of stick built construction and have either views of, or access to, Table Rock Lake. The bar graph below indicates that a large percentage (78%) of homes in this large area are selling under $230,000. Almost half (49%) are under $150,000. The Kimberling market includes a larger portion of lake homes which increases the number of homes sold over $200,000 than in the Branson & Forsyth markets. An example of these lake properties would be the recent sales of a 2700 SQ.FT. 4-Bedroom home with a good lake view. This 9 year old home sold for $212,000 with a 2-Car garage

map of kimberling city missouri


Kimberling City’s 1990 population was 1,590, up 24% over 1980. The 1991 estimates are at over 2,000 with 1995 estimates over 3,000. These estimates understate the actual population materially because of the seasonal and temporary nature of many of the residents and the work force. However, two conditions are emerging. First, the tourist season is now approaching a full annual period and is likely to achieve a year round status within the next few years. Secondly, the trading area of local recreation and entertainment demand has expanded from a midwest regional area of a 600-mile radius to all of the United States and Canada, plus a strong international contingent. It is our estimate that actual local population, in terms of full time purchasing power is probably nearly triple official population estimates.


Kimberling City is a fourth class city which was established in 1973. It has a Board of Alderman system of government with a mayor and four aldermen.


Kimberling City continues to attract a large number of retirees to settle in its beautiful, picturesque, lakeside setting. The resorts and most businesses report stable growth, although markets and other businesses affected by the nearby WAL-MART Supercenter indicate a decrease in their sales. However, the future of the lakeside community appears strong and vibrant. Home Prices are very reasonable on both a regional and national level.